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Budget Talk

Today is the budget announcement for 2018. I was not watching it. Just get the update from my colleagues and friends. I'm in a big trouble. I don't start my proposal yet. It's haunting me but I'm super lazy to do it. I'm demotivated most of the time. I'm pissed over the things I'm not supposed to. I could be over reacting. I hate to read other people's messages, WhatsApps, comments etc. I'm getting worse as the days goes by. I feel so alone and lonely. I feel like I have no friends to turn to especially during my downs.. I do have a lot of friends to be with during happy times. I'm not good at expressing my true feelings. I always potray the good side of me. I can't tell to my friend's face that I dislike the way she bitch at me. Not a real true friend indeed. She ignores when we need help.. and come back begging for help from us when she is in trouble. She seems like a fake. Well I cannot distinguish between fake and real side of her no…


We regret over a lot of things.
We regret about not doing the best that we could.
We regret for not helping with the things we should have helped.
We regret for marrying the wrong person.
We regret for choosing the path that leads us to agony.But yesterday, I regret of bursting my anger out to the people that I loved. I regret for not being able to hold my anger. I am disappointed with myself. I pray for your health and wellbeing always. Forgive me.😓

Bamboo Fun & Ipod Shuffle

Just want to share this news with all of you. I have so long waiting for a present from my husband (last year birthday present?? it already new year 2010), so recently is a pc fair at KLCC and we went there (left mukhlis with my mom in law, pity her as she's already 64 years old) after a few small fights (hahaha).

Our "to buy list" were:
TabletMP3 PlayerExternal StorageHe previously promised me to buy the tablet for me as I am very much interested with photo editing (just to fulfill my leisure time). We both trampled to KLCC under this hot staring sun above us, sweats pouring down like rivers (smelly yuckss). Krurururrrr.. My empty stomach sangs so did his.

We quickly pass through all the booths (ooohhh Iphone 3Gs, my favourite!!), encounter this Western Digital Booth offering the external HDD at cheap price (RM259 for 500Gb)..

"nahh, wait till we go downstairs, sure got cheaper than what they offer upstairs.."

So we both continued exploring the floor, floor by…

Come Back!

Dear all,

It has been many2 years since I last wrote in this blog. So many things had happened in the past. I kinda regret it for not jotting it down. I am going to update here as often. I will update again with so much details. Stay tune!