Friday, April 02, 2010

Blog Recovery

Yes, as the title read, I managed to recover my so long lost blog I am so happy and sooooo happy and happy and happy again. Wuhuuuu! This blog has been existed since year 2005 (when and where I was that time.. hmmm). This is my first entry, immediately after recovery. I actually totally forgotten about it but then again, I want to create a new blog, but unable to register mayor21, what?? Somebody used my name? Oh God!

I decided to visit this person's mayor21 blog and 1st thing appeared is "Push 2 Talk". Hmm.. this one is so familiar to me! Coz I had a blog (oh God, how many blog that she had before.. sigh) previously under Xanga (yupp, one of my earliest one, not sure whether still available or not) that I named Push 2 Talk. Aha!! This blog actually mine, but still not recovered yet.

I tried and tried and tried again with different login name and same password (ahah, this girl got same password for her blog.. wahaha, dangerous!) until I came across the look up thing (not sure this thing exist until that moment). So I put this blog name and wallaaa!! Email sent to my gmail account (thank God not my long lost, non existed email account) mentioning about my real user name for this blog (just a little twist from what I have now, good ol days). Tried login the blog with my current account and of course, mission accomplished!

Now I manage to get them out of my chest! Hooray!!

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