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TV and Dryer

After spending a few days at my sis house during confinement leave, it occurred to me that i need to have one too at home. It's the Dryer. Hahaha. Easy, hassle free and you can wash your clothes anytime you want, be it during the day, night, rain.. etc.

My previous tv was small and cheap. I've been using it for 2 years since I started working. I'm comfortable with it and fullfilled my tv needs. However 2 days ago, I have the urge of buying something which is my dream phone (Iphone 3Gs). So I persuaded my husband to go to maxis to buy it. Unfortunately the shop was closed and at the same time we passed by an electrical/electronic shop. I said "Let stop by at this shop" and my husband agreed.

First thing I saw were rows of tv, LCD tvs from various brands. Wow but yet expensive, not on my priority list. I was brought by the salesgirl to the dryer/washing machine section. Yes, there are dyers but only two choices. People don't buy dryer these days? Maybe they bought the washing machine that has dryer function. So, choose: Electrolux or Europa? I knew Electrolux but Europa?? Europa is cheaper and the shopkeeper said this one is better in terms of service, parts and blaa.. bla.. My husband also liked that one and he said he heard bout Europa brand before.

So decision has been made. Europa it is. 6kg load. Initial price was RM1399 --> RM1300 --> RM1280 --> RM1200 --> RM1150. Ok deal. Then I realized my husband is not with me.. Aha! He's at the tv section. He wanted to buy a TV. But I thought he wants to wait till the end of the year, much cheaper he said. I just let him be, enjoying myself, window shopping. He decided to buy a 32" Toshiba LCD tv cost RM1599 --> RM1500. That's the cheapest I could get for him. Sigh.

Well, after we got our 2 items, I'm so happy and eager to try my dryer. Haha. Functioning very well, only need a suitable space to put it. As for the TV, the signal is not very good, can't enjoy the sharp view of the TV. I was thinking of having ASTRO but he did not want to waste more money. So we bought an outdoor antenna. Now waiting for him to return and assemble the antenna so I can watch my fav program clearly, not with dots and blots covering Derek and Meredith faces.


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