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New Proton Saga


A simple & practical new sedan with a proven & improve engine & transmission at a very affordable price in A & B segment

Affordable & value for money
Practical interior & spacious
Simple style people’s car

New head lamp with single reflector
New Integrated Fog lamp for wider light distribution
New front grill garnish & top mark size
Simple design rear combi lamp that give elegant look
Rear garnish that reflect new design and outstanding look
Euro style side mouldings (apply for medium line only)

Spacious front & rear interior
New 2 cup holders at floor console box
Integrated seat height adjuster with new fabric
New glove box at instrument panel for extra space keeping things
Additional cup holder compartment & extra pocket at door trim
Extra pocket with side mirror & power window switch on driver door trim


Attractive retail pricing from RM30,000 to Safety
Built tough/strong for occupant safety
Strong body structure 14000nm/inch
Exceed international standard for Gulf Countries & Australia
Comply with EURO Gas Emulsion type 3
Equip with driver Airbag & Pre-tensioner Seat Belts for passengers

Model Variant
3 type of model

N-Line NL (M)
Engine 1.3 Campro +AIFM
Strong body structure 14000nm/inch
R13” Steel rims with center cup
155/80 R13
Material color bumper (not body color)
2 speaker audio system
Adjustable steering tilt
Integrated Seat Height Adjuster
Pre-tensioner Seat Belt for passenger
Lotus Dynamics ride & handling
3 years factory warranty @ 100,000 km

Base Line BL (M & AT)
Engine 1.3 Campro +AIFM
Strong body structure 14000nm/inch
R13” Steel rims with full wheel cover
175/70 R13
2 speaker audio system
Power Windows
Adjustable steering tilt
Integrated Seat Height Adjuster
Pre-tensioner Seat Belt for driver & passenger
Lotus Dynamics ride & handling
3 years factory warranty @ 100,000 km

Medium Line ML (M & AT)
Engine 1.3 Campro +AIFM
Strong body structure 14000nm/inch
R14” Alloy rims
185/60 R14
4 speaker audio system
Power Windows
Vertical Reverse Sensor
Adjustable steering tilt
Integrated Seat Height Adjuster
Driver Airbags
Pre-tensioner Seat Belt for passenger
Integrated Fog Lamp
Lotus Dynamics ride & handling
Euro side mouldings bodykit
3 years factory warranty @ 100,000 km

7 variants of color
NL – available only in solid white
BL – available in Chili Red, Generic Silver & Metallic Black
ML – available in new color Zircon Green, Mountain Blue & Granite Grey

Tentative OTR Price
NL 1.3 M – OTR RM 29,999.00
BL 1.3 AT – OTR RM 34,799.00
ML 1.3 AT – OTR RM 38,000.00

Fuel Consumption (M) 5.5ltr /100km or 0.11cent/km
(A) 6.0ltr /100km or 0.12cent/km

Power Output 94 bhp
Engine 16V DOHC Campro + AIFM
Air Intake Fuel Manifold – Increase torque & eliminate torque
drop at RPM3000-RPM4000

The Intake Air Fuel Module for the Proton Campro engine.
This new IAFM is a basically a variable geometry intake system, developed under a joint fast track programme which began in April 2005 by EPMB, Bosch and Proton.
The IAFM varies intake manifold length to suit different engine conditions - a short runner length for high revs and a long and narrower runner length for low revs.

IAFM enhance an engine’s torque curve and also help improve the combustion process, making the engine more fuel efficient. This is much-needed with the current Campro engine, which has rather relatively low torque at low to medium engine speeds. The IAFM can be fitted to both Campro 1.3 liter and 1.6 liter engines. The new intake manifold made of reinforced high thermal plastic which is lighter than the current Campro’s aluminium intake manifold.

Luggage Volume 413 ltr


Overall Length 4257
Width 1680
Height 1502
Wheel Base 2465

Length 1947
Width 1355
Height 1210


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