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Before Starts Working

It has been a long time since I last posted in this blog. Well, currently I'm waiting for the official letter from KKM. Just received "surat pelantikan" last week and I already settled the medical check-up and "akuan sumpah" today. Luckily my precious and lovely doctor who is going to be a surgeon soon had helped me with those thingy. Thanks again doc!

When I was in the dentist clinic for my teeth checkup just now, the dentist is a friend to a friend of mine and she's nice. I used to be afraid of dentist. Why? Because usually all the procedures done are associated with pain. Hahahahaha

I applied for posting in Putrajaya, Kajang and Seremban. But I don't know where I'll be posted so just be prepared. Here in Terengganu, I know a lot of doctors here. Even my seniors and old school mates are here. May be it's good for me to stay and work here. But my biggest fear is, I don't want to embarrass my parents especially my mom who happened to work here too. Huhuhu

Wherever I'm going to be posted, I just have to do my best!


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My T-Shirt

I like this t-shirt. Bright green in colour as I never have one like this before. I prefer blue, black or yellow color but this time, I tried something different. It's good to do things extraordinary. That will give some sparks in your life.

Do something you never tried. Like singing on the stage for example. Entering a competition like debate. That would give a new experience and of course, even you failed, at least you learn something new.

If you success, that's the time you realize your true ability. Am I right?

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The kids wanted to eat pizza. So we went to the nearest pizza hut available here in KP just to find the new pizza promo for the Chinese New Year. It was so delicious and I felt like ordering one more to take home. We managed to finish 3 soups, 1 pizza, 4 wings, 1 spaghetti and 2 bottles of mineral water.We are happy customers. Thank you 🍕 hut.

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pelajar tersebut pun berjalan dan tidak berapa lama dia kembali dengan tangan yang kosong.

guru bertanya: mengapa kamu tidak membawa sebatang ranting pun...?

pelajar menjawab: saya hanya terpaksa memilih satu ranting saja, dan sewaktu berjalan saya tidak boleh mengundur kebelakang semula. sebenarnya saya telah berjumpa dengan satu ranting yang paling menakjubkan tapi saya tak tahu apakah yang akan menakjubkan di hadapan sana nanti, maka saya biarkan ranting itu lalu saya dapati tidak ada lagi ranting yang paling menakjubkan selain daripada yang saya lihat tadi. jadi saya tidak menga…