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SPA Interview

At 8 am today I got an interview in Putrajaya with SPA. A lot of things to be settled. I need to create a CV, which I never done before. With the help from my boo, at last I managed to create one. Kinda funny really but that's the requirement I can't disobeyed.

Still, I need some information about MOH and all the ministers involved. Study last minit sempat ke ni? Hahahaha. After the resume, now what? Oh yes. I need to certified my SPM cert, birth cert, and IC. Yesterday my friends and I went to the office for this cert thingy and we came across Dr. Renu. Luckily she's willing to help. But still, there's a form which need a number (God knows what) and she was unable to help with that. So then we searched and searched for another lecturer but failed. Last resort, we sought help from our Deputy Dean of Clinical, Prof Yunus (He's going to quit from UPM and go to another private hospital soon I heard). Scared to be in his room but there's so many of us, what the heck. Hahahaha. That's for sickening MMA (Malaysian Medical Association) form.

Another story, earlier, we went to the post office in HKL to buy money order. As we are so called lazy ppl, we bought postal order instead of money order, just because we didn't want to fill the money order form. Hahahahaha. At first I refused to use postal order coz I think money order is more secure. But since everyone seemed to be inpatient waiting, so I just follow them lor.

Pray hard, I'll get through this interview too.


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Pizza treat in KP

The kids wanted to eat pizza. So we went to the nearest pizza hut available here in KP just to find the new pizza promo for the Chinese New Year. It was so delicious and I felt like ordering one more to take home. We managed to finish 3 soups, 1 pizza, 4 wings, 1 spaghetti and 2 bottles of mineral water.We are happy customers. Thank you 🍕 hut.

My T-Shirt

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