Saturday, May 12, 2007

A New Beginning

I'm back. I got two good news.

  • I passed my final Professional Exam III and I'm so grateful.
    • Hopefully this is for good. So happy yet, some of my friends did not make it this time. They have to stay for another 5-6 months. Never give up my friends! Now I'm thinking of requesting presents from my parents. Wahahaha. It has been so long since I last received a present anyway. My bf? I think I should but pity him. Don't want to keep bugging him for a present. He already gave me almost everything. Love thee.

  • My sister just gave birth to a baby boy!
    • What a great combination we have here (me passing the exam and new family member). Can't wait to see his cute face. Thank God both of them are alright and can just return back home soon afterwards.
That's it.

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