Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My exam is finally over

Good news my friend! My exam is finally over and I pray hard that everyone will pass. The unbearable agony since past few days had just went away. I'm so relieved, so happy but yet deep down inside, one more hurdle to go. The result is going to come out on Friday. I pray to Allah, please let everyone pass this time also. To Allah, I should be thankful for my exam today. Without Allah's help, I won't be able to sit in front of this laptop of a friend of mine and update myself.

I also would like to thank my family (Mama, ayah, dikla, along and etc.) for still believing in me, love you all so much. To my beloved soulmate who never stop supporting me (going to see him this evening). All my friends (2nd and 3rd floor residence of Damai Complex), thank you so much. Remember, you'll never walk alone.

I think I should stop now! Need to take 40 winks!! Kekeke

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