Saturday, May 05, 2007


Just now I watched a movie "Clueless". It's an old movie. My favorite actress, Alicia Silverstone was so adorable in that movie. I've watched this movie like so many times and even could remember some of the lines. Hahahaha. Alicia starring as Cher who was a daughter of a wealthy lawyer and studied in high school. She and her friend Dionne shared same interests: shopping and fashion. They did a make over to a girl named Tai, who had newly moved to their school. Three of them became good friend until one day, Tai and Cher had an argument after Tai told her that she likes Josh (Cher's ex-stepbrother). Cher actually liked Josh and never realized that until the argument took place.

In the earlier part of story, Cher had a crush to her own classmate that turned out to be gay. Hahahahaha. That was funny wasn't it? In the end, she hook up with her cute ex-stepbrother and Tai with another guy in Cher's class.

This is a must watch movie. Enough said! Hehehe

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