Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lonely but still having fun

Nothing much happen today except I slept in class due to lack of sleep and oh yeah. My bf went to Sau Paulo, Brazil for a meeting today. After I slept for few hours, I rushed to his house, picked him and drove him to the airport. He'll be back next week. Thank God he's away just for a while. Missing him already.

Despite of my exam is coming very2 soon, I bought my self a DVD (Blood Diamond) and I watched it with my friend. The movie was good and my heart could not stop beating very fast watching children killing people without hesitation. I hope it has better ending anyway. Why should Leonardo died in the end? He was so close of leaving the place with the diamond. Well, that's what we called movie, eh?

Talking about movie, I watched a movie titled "300" not so long ago and it was superb! My eyes were like attached to the screen from the start until the end and I felt like I stopped breathing while watching. No wonder now the main actor, Gerard Butler is no.1 top actor.

Well, I should be off for now.

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